Would You Be Willing To Take On a role of a nanny, if it results in something traumatizing?

Carly Krauk, Writer

‘The Turning’ is a Drama/Thriller that was released to theaters, January 24, 2020.  This movie focuses on a nanny by the name of, Kate Mandell. Mandell nannies for two young orphans at an isolated Gothic mansion in the countryside of Maine. After watching the two young children, Miles and Flora, she begins to come to the realization that both of the children are emotionally unstable. Twisted events begin to occur which leads Kate to believe the estate’s dark corridors are home to a malevolent entity.

According to reviews on, ‘The Turning’, there is no end, the movie just stops. People are angry at this. Despite the spectacular cast and atmospheric production design, this adaptation suffers from both a sluggish plot and an unnecessarily abrupt ending.

The amazing cast which stars Finn Wolfard, Mackenzie Davis and Brooklyn Prince provides an edge of the seat thrill to viewers. Floria Sigismondi’s film was inspired by Henry James’ 1898 novella, ‘The Turn of the Screw.’

The film first entered development in March 2016 and was described as an incredible project for executive producer, Steven Spielberg. The film kicked off filming in April 2018 at Killruddery House, County Wicklow, Ireland. The film had its own festival and was released the next day by Universal Pictures.

If you’re looking for a spooky scare, ‘The Turning’ would be just the right movie.