Little Women 2019: A Star-Studded Success

As the 2020 Golden Globe winner for Original Score, Little Women is a must-see movie.

As the 2020 Golden Globe winner for Original Score, Little Women is a must-see movie.

Layla Loew, Writer

With a cast full of award-winning actors and actresses, the newest adaptation of Little Women was bound to meet, if not exceed, expectations. The 2019 coming-of-age drama set in the time of the Civil War tells the classic tale of a family of young women discovering their individuality while fighting to keep their family together through tough times.

Greta Gerwig who directed this fantastically well-made movie has been nominated for several awards, one of which being Little Women. The amount of time and effort she put into the movie was obvious in the details.

In several interviews, Gerwig goes through certain scenes and describes her intentions with each shot, her goal being the audience’s immersion into the March sisters’ home in Massachusetts.

Gerwig’s cinematography of different lightings and settings make the viewer feel as if they were truly a part of the family. Experiencing their failures and triumphs with them, instead of watching their lives unfold inevitably. The specifics found in the novel itself were presented seamlessly throughout every scene.

Among the playfulness of childhood and the challenges of growing up, Saiorse Ronan(Jo March) and Timothée Chalamet(Laurie) create a mixture of sorrow and fun with their incredible chemistry.

Watching these characters suffer through the harsh realities of life is what makes this newest remake such a fantastic film.

Gerwig and her cast were able to construct a modern masterpiece out of a timeless tale, and it’s a wonderful way to end the year of 2019.

Many fans of the classic novel were wary of yet another movie with a completely new cast, but it’s safe to say that Little Women 2019 was a major success.