Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

Sienna Nieves, Writer

In 1995 Ian Lewis created the very popular thriller “Bad Boys.” In the movie 1oo million dollars worth of drugs are stolen and characters Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett  played by actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence set out to investigate where the drugs are located. They are given five days to find them again or the narcotics division will be shut down. Throughout the movie they encounter many obstacles. Not only are you left wondering what will happen next, but also you will have a good laugh.

Following the first movie, in 2003 “Bad Boys ll” came out with yet another exciting sequel starring the same characters Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. This time around they have to stop the flow of drugs being smuggled into Miami. This movie involves  problems with mobsters and romance drama.

Finally, nearly a decade and a half later, the “Bad Boys” series came back with yet another banger called “Bad Boys For Life.” This movie started the same amazing characters Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett played by the youthful actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. After recently watching the two previous movies I was very excited to hear that a third sequel came out.

Yet again Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are on a mission to bring justice to a situation. Per usual, being the heroic charters they get the job done. In this sequel the two actors run into setbacks such as injuries, threats, and family dramas. Without spoiling anything in this amazing movie, in comparison to what rotten tomatoes rated this movie a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I personally would rate this movie a solid 5 out of 5.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence could not be replaced as actors for this film as well as the past two. They suit these characters so well! I really enjoy how they have starred in all three movies and it gets better with every sequel.

This movie is rated R, for there is vulgar language, explicit content, as well as violence. I do recommend this movie to mature audiences only. If you love action, thriller, and comedy this movie will be perfect for you!