The Dress?

6 A.M. and I heard the blender roaring then it was silent, all I heard was the thumping of my heart screaming with excitement. It was the day, it was my day. My quinceanera.

I rolled out of bed and was ready to start the day. I walked out into the kitchen and saw my mom making last-minute preparations. She looked at me with a little sparkle in her eyes, and I could see the excitement, yet the exhaustion.

I walked outside to the most beautiful sunrise I had seen in a while. The pink and orange were so mesmerizing, I knew it was going to be a good day. The drive to get my hair done felt like an eternity. The closer I got, the more anxiety that was building up inside of me. I just wanted to get everything done and over with.

My hair was done now it was time to go home and get my make-up done and put on my dress. As the day kept going it was getting hotter and hotter. I had finished my makeup and all I had left to do was to have something to eat and put my dress on.

My dress was the most important part of my day. The tulle was a beautiful scarlet and the corset had pink little flowers and its green leaves with little beads. The most gorgeous one I had ever seen in my life. I walked into the room that I shared with my niece and as she was climbing up to get on her bunk she stepped on the dress and it tore.

I was furious and wanted to cry. I went out to the living room almost in tears and called out for my mom. We were both in shock and panicking we had no idea what to do. Luckily my godmother was there to save the day and sewed the tule together. I was and am so grateful for her doing that; she saved my dress.

I put that dress on and felt like a princess, like a queen. Off we went to church with my court in the limousine, and then after we went to the barn where my party was. I walked into that barn and was blown away by the decoration: the sarape table runners, the rose centerpieces, the candy table, the pinata; every little detail was just beautiful.

I had the most amazing day of my life with the people that I love the most. To this day I am grateful for everything that everybody did for me. And my dress ended up all over the barn. The tulle of the dress would get stuck in any little area and just was torn up.

It was still the most beautiful and happiest day of my life. My quinceanera.