My Comeback

Deysha Salinas

I had a decision to make. It was a big one, one that wouldn’t only change my life but the family’s as well. I didn’t want to change, change is scary but it needed to happen. I was behind almost a whole year in credits and it was the middle of my junior year. I was so angry, not only at myself for getting so behind, but also that the school had barely brought it up to my attention.

I chose to be transferred to Lopez Continuation High School in order to catch up on credits and be able to graduate. The kids at Lopez had a reputation of teenagers that didn’t care about school or they were troublemakers. I was not ready to leave my friends with who I have been with since elementary. I would now be on my own in a new environment.

I was about to enter the main doors into the “hangout area” of the high school and already, I was welcomed by the secretary. She had worked at the middle school I attended so she had recognized me, this gave me comfort knowing someone had already been so welcoming and kind.

As soon as I entered the main area I noticed it wasn’t just a room with chairs and tables for students to hangout. There were a ping pong table and a basketball hoop surrounded by guys– they were obnoxiously loud. I had recognized the bulky green cart that had breakfast for all the students. The room was filled with the smell of sweet sugary syrup; they were serving mini pancakes.

My goal was to make up as many credits as I can in order to get back to Nipomo High School by the beginning of my senior year. Going back to my friends at NHS is what gave me the motivation to get my work done. In order to make up enough credits, I had to take two additional classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and two more classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On top of that, I had to take online courses at Adult Education. I had no time to hang out with friends, I not only wasn’t going to school with my friends now I didn’t see them outside of school either.

The end of June was approaching and I made up all of the credits I needed to, but Lopez had a requirement for students to have an extra ten credits in order to transfer back to Nipomo High School. So I gave up my summer. I took two summer school classes in order to make up those ten credits.

Now it’s my senior year and I am back at Nipomo High School with all of my friends.