Kelly Bellew

Meghan Abbott

Kelly Bellew is a math teacher at Nipomo High School. She has been teaching for nine years and loves it. One of her favorite parts about teaching is the students and helping the students to learn, not only in math but anything else she can do to help.


Not only is she a math teacher of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Statistics, she also coaches water polo and swim. She loves coaching and says, “It’s not stressful. Coaching and teaching actually help because I get to see the kids outside of the classroom and make connections with them.”

She also enjoys athletic competitions because of the fun traveling and getting to hang out with the kids. In her free time, she really enjoys doing Cowboy Action Shooting. These are contests held at shooting ranges where competitors shoot targets and win by being most accurate. She has been competing for two years now. She goes whenever she can because of the great people and fun.

She chose math because it is her favorite subject. The main reason was to get out of college faster. When she first started she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but she had a degree in engineering. She switched to history. However, the school told her that she could get out sooner if she took the math pathway, so she ended with a math credential. She ended up at Nipomo because at the time it was the only school hiring. Once she started to teach here, she really liked it, so she decided to stay.

Her colleges include Cal Poly, South Dakota State, and Western Governors University, spending a total of nine years at college.

“My favorite memory in college was probably living in South Dakota, and the fun swim meets.” She swam in high school and college. “I was on the first girls’ water polo team at Paso High School. And before that, I was on the boys’ team.”

She said she could not pick between coaching and teaching. Either way, she gets to be with the kids and help them in many ways. Teaching has the benefit of seeing them every day and coaching has the benefit of fun competitions and new environments. Whatever you need help on she will help you and stick with you the whole way, fighting or you and helping you with other classes, not just math.