Hike at Huntington

Huntington Lake

Anthony Garcia

Hike at Huntington


At Huntington Lake, not far from our hike. My cousins and I had been on the hike for about a half hour and we’re anxious to see what was passed the crest of the hill. Almost instinctively, I began to run. To be the first to witness the golden rays of sunlight waiting for me on the other side. The company I left behind me was catching up, as I hear the thumps of their weight on the earth growing. 

This event happened about 2 days into the camping trip. A feeling of uneasiness grew from everyone the longer we stayed. One early morning, almost everyone was awake and eating. Not long after, my cousins give me the familiar look. Their faces glancing with boredom. They ́re just as eager as I am to explore the outdoors. Little did we know, my Father had plans for the day. He had overheard from a park ranger that there was a popular hike next to a resort near Huntington Lake. It wasn’t a long drive from our campsite before we reached the resort. Something I found weird once we arrived were the small group of people huddled around the trail. Never before have I  had a guide for a hike before although I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. 

The hike was beautiful, it was nothing but untouched forest and nature. The hike was long and I was surprised to see the group of people still keeping up. Eventually my cousins and I leave the group and begin to search ahead for better routes. After a while, we look behind to see the land we have left behind. Along with the people, and my father. 

 Now that we were alone, we could really enjoy it.  This was after we ascended the hill, and took the time to admire nature in front of us. The whole hike we had been following a river, and as it grew bigger, we were met with a huge pond. Way above the surface of the water was a rock, naturally resembling a diving board. This was what we were waiting for, the pot at the end of the rainbow. I however, were thinking otherwise. I am very afraid of heights and the look of the rock above the pond made my stomach curl. Being in an all male group, especially your family in these situations tensions escalate. We quickly found a way up the rock and were standing at the edge within minutes. This is when adrenaline starts rushing and I start second guessing myself. I was surprised to see none of my cousins were struggling to hop into the water. At this time I’ve pleaded my case to them that it would be best that I didn’t jump but then again I was already up here, half the work was done. Taking my cousins advice and working in some of my own. I decided to act before my mind could think about it. 

So I counted to 3 and jumped, It felt like I was falling forever, feeling my body flail and watching the blur of trees come crashing down. Hitting the water was something I’ll never forget. My whole body freezing cold in a second. Flailing my arms more helplessly than the first time, I reached my head above the water and gasped. I did it. The best part of it all was getting absorbed by the sun after being in the frigid water. And before I was even out of the water I thought “Let’s do it again”.