Natalie Ortega Preciado, Writer

Are you ever with your friends and are bored and want to eat something good?

Bill’s Take Out sits right in the middle of North Broadway in Santa Maria, California. Never Seen it? It’s because it’s hidden. I kid, I kid. There’s a big sign that says “Bill’s Take Out.”

The building looks like a sketchy and abandoned place. It’s a small little building, but I believe that’s what makes it unique.

Looking at the menu, everything is the same except for some of the items already which come as a meal or you buy everything separately. The food names are somewhat unique. “Billy Burger’s” is the only thing I have tasted.

There was something about the burger that made it different. The juiciness of the burger just made my taste buds scream with joy. It was like nothing I have ever tasted before.

It’s a place that is very diverse and provides a little bit of culture. Get yourself a burger with an agua de horchata.

Do you want to hang out somewhere out of the ordinary? Bill’s is perfect for that. It has street view seating and in the parking lot, there are a couple of booths to chill in. I know my friends enjoyed sitting back there and just chilling for a bit. Just being there by yourself to enjoy the outside a little bit would be nice too.

Bill’s Take Out is definitely one of those places where you could take your significant other on a date. It’s a humble, welcoming place.

You know right when you arrive at Bill’s that it has the tastiest food out there. Memories can be built there, and I think that’s the most important thing of all.

Bill’s Take Out is definitely a go-to place for any occasion.