Rise of the Resistance: Giving Rise to Brand New Experiences


Dannon Sanders, Writer

Now that the Star Wars saga has come to an astonishing and spectacular finish, fans have to find new ways to travel to that galaxy far, far away. But fear not, because the opening of the Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge offers the perfect chance to experience Star Wars like never before.

After the opening of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge in May of 2019, fans eagerly awaited the opening of the mysterious new ride themed around the Resistance. The opening day arrived on January 17th, and that morning thousands of fans camped outside of the park entrance for six hours in order to be the first to experience the Rise of the Resistance for themselves.

The experience is a total of 18 minutes, which includes the briefing of the mission and the time in between adventures to load and unload your fellow passengers.

Disney’s efforts toward the perfection of this ride are unlike anything else, as seen in the fact that the actual cast from the new Star Wars movies recorded parts for the ride. Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, and John Boyega all returned to portray their heroes everyone knows and loves, while Adam Driver surprised fans by once again stealing the show with his phenomenal performance of Kylo Ren.

These minutes, however, are definitely worthwhile. The ride introduces new experiences not only to Star Wars but it offers groundbreaking new effects to the world of theme park rides.

The most notable of these new effects would be the astoundingly high level of immersion. The detail and effort put into every single aspect of the experience are unlike anything seen before. From the life-sized X-Wing and TIE Fighter to the windows depicting an actual space battle, everything feels absolutely and utterly real.

Not only do the physical and technological aspects provide a fantastic feeling of immersion, but the cast members’ ability to completely embrace their characters create an atmosphere never before experienced. From the First Order Guards snapping out instructions and commands to the Resistance fighters conveying a feeling of urgency, it legitimately feels like you are a part of the epic battle being witnessed.