“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”


Gloria Guerrero, Writer

This year’s Winter Formal was held at Mountain Brook Church in San Luis Obispo. The theme was Great Gatsby and the theme was, without a doubt, carried well throughout the entire venue.

When students and their dates arrived, they were greeted by teachers dressed up in Great Gatsby attire.

ASB students showed up around 9 am the day of the event to decorate for a few hours before going back home to get ready for the dance of the century.

“This year we were faster and more efficient than normal so setting up for the dance wasn’t a drag like it usually is,” chuckled Dawsyn Perry.

The venue was filled with fog and neon-colored lights and the dance floor was packed with students dancing to Billboard charting music. The DJ was different than the one we’ve had previous years and from the beginning of the dance until the end, it did not disappoint.

Olive Garden seemed to be a popular place most people went to before the dance, but for those who skipped a dinner date before the dance, NHS ASB had a variety of finger foods such as chocolate-covered strawberries, fruit, popcorn and more.

For drinks, there was a variety to choose from. If you were feeling fancy you could grab a glass and pour yourself a Shirley Temple, and if you were just looking for something to quench your thirst, you could pour yourself a glass of water with lemon or strawberries added in.