Can the 2019-2020 boys’ varsity basketball team win league?

Dillon Christopher, Writer

The boy’s varsity basketball team is very close to winning in a league title. They only need to win one more game and have another team lose in order for them to win league, but if they lose, they are out of winning league and they will get second place.

They are in the Central Coast-Ocean league and the teams that are part of that league are Morro Bay High School, Templeton High School, Atascadero High School, Pioneer Valley High School, Orcutt Academy High School, and Santa Maria High School.

Our Nipomo Titans are currently in first place with a record of 9-2 and the team they are fighting first place for is Morro Bay as they are 8-2. The other teams have no chance of winning in this league because their records are too low.

The team has one more game to play and it is against Atascadero. They play on Tuesday, February 11th at 6 pm. No matter if they lose or win in this game, they will make CIF playoffs but if they win this game they win in their league.

“It is not an easy league,” said Oscar Anderson senior on the varsity team says. “I believe we have a good chance of winning the league.” The team is very good at three-point shooting and that’s what they stick to in the whole game.

The plays they run are for one person or one person on the floor to score. That person is Daren Sosa JR on the varsity team. Not all the points come from him though obviously. Baskets come from the whole team, the plays they run are just to find the open person. It wouldn’t be a good team if they relied on one player so they do a good job at finding the open man due to their record.