Teaching Mental Health in Schools

Chloe Housley, Writer

Mental health and important lessons that are applied to real-life are often not taught in schools. At Nipomo High School, teachers are stepping up to educate their students and help prepare them for life beyond school.


“Mental health is something we don’t focus on enough,” Mr. Deichler, a social studies teacher at Nipomo High, states. His goal is to “start implementing it into my class this year in hopes of seeing more people get involved.”


The lessons learned in high school are later taught or implemented in college but Mr. Deicheler believes that they are quickly forgotten: “I think that if we can lay down some foundational bricks of social and emotional learning they can carry those lessons with them forever.”


“I think that the lessons we learn through these mental health activities are really important. They are lessons that can be used beyond high school,” Lillian Brummitt, a student at Nipomo High comments.


There are few teachers around the campus that have days or lessons dedicated to teaching mental health lessons and Mr. Deichler is making an effort to include more teachers: “I think that with the social and emotional stuff any teacher can add this to their curriculum and make better people and I think that would be awesome,” he explained.


“The goal is to make better people, my goal is to always make better people through the lens of social studies,” said Mr. Deichler.