“You Failed”

Gloria Guerrero, Writer

Lights flashing. Sirens wailing. I was on my way to the DMV with my father at approximately 12:53 pm on a Tuesday, when I got pulled over for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. Apparently, you’re supposed to do that. When the police officer walked toward me, I was so scared I thought I was going to pee my pants.

“Young lady are you aware that I stopped you because of your failure to move lanes in the presence of an emergency vehicle.”

 I stared at the officer with a blank face holding back the tears that were about to drown me. My father chimed in and explained to the officer that we had no time to move lanes. Sympathetic and understanding the officer let us off with a warning.

“You’ll be okay.” I sighed to myself sitting in the driver’s seat of my car parked in front of the DMV waiting for my test to begin. My heart was beating abnormally fast, anxiety flushed through my body as the instructor approached. Footsteps so loud I thought Godzilla was approaching. I looked up and saw a middle-aged, heavy lady with curly hair.

“Hi, my name is..” suddenly I began to tune her out, she spoke so fast I didn’t get a chance to catch her name. First, she asked me to show her the hand signals. Confidently, I did all three. Next, she asked me to stick my key in the ignition and as I did she walked around the car checking my brakes lights and turning signals.

 “Everything looks good,” she confirmed as she got in the car. “Whenever you’re ready to begin, you may go.”

I pulled the gear shift from park to drive. I then put my foot on the gas pedal. The car did not move. Panicked and flustered I started to scramble around pressing a bunch of buttons trying to get the car to move. I was in shock, I had been driving this car for months why isn’t it working now, I thought to myself.

“Would you like a hint since the test hasn’t technically started, Maybe try actually turning the car on.” the instructor chimed in. I felt my face turn bright, I could’ve easily passed as a tomato in a field full of crops.  How did I forget to turn the car on? At this point, I was ready to jump out of the window.

 As I started driving down the road I began to feel less nervous. “I got this” I kept saying to myself as I was taking directions from the instructor. The actual driving portion of the test was easy and I was feeling confident. So confident, I was already planning where my first trip would be as a licensed girl.

We had only been on the road for 10 minutes when the instructor told me to pull into the DMV parking lot. “Wow, that was quick. I must’ve done really well” I thought to myself. Within seconds my dreams and hopes of running errands as a licensed girl were crushed.  “You failed.” the instructor announced. My jaw dropped.

 “Failure to look over your shoulder when merging in left-lane” she said.  Apparently, you’re supposed to do that too. I waited for this lady to get out of my car before I let out a humongous scream in frustration.