Referee Value

Anthony Garcia, Writer

Being a professional referee can be tough. You’re forced to make all of the calls on the spot. You also have people’s money and feelings on the line.

Football is one of the tougher sports as there are many positions to keep track of and lots of different rules. Although things have become easier with instant replays and cameras constantly monitoring the players on the field, some may argue that the reliability of the refs is shaky.

Although with technology like this, the fouls should always be called accurately. When the game is in progress, there really isn’t a lot of time to analyze each call made on the field. Although I believe professional referees should take into account the players and how the game is going.

I get that referees have a hard job. Although with today’s technology, there is no excuse to not have a fair game. In Super Bowl 54 the San Franciso 49ners and the Kansas City Chiefs played for the title. A tough call was made to determine whether a Chiefs’ player was inbounds when catching a touchdown pass.

This call worked against the 49ners as the call on the field was a touchdown. Even after seeing the instant replay that was controversial, if there isn’t any evidence that the player was out of bounds than the play on the field stands. This changed the course of the game.

I believe that plays should be made after seeing the instant replay, rather than rolling with whatever was called on the field.

Another example of this was with the Cowboys and Eagles game. This was a divisional game that had a lot of weight on it. After the first half, the Cowboys held onto the ball till they were in Eagles territory. Cowboys make a pass on third down to try and recover their momentum. This pass fell short and was too close to call for a first down. The refs called for the chains to measure if the ball passed the 1st down line. This is common in football as there’s no other way to measure whether the team deserves a 1st down.

The chains were brought onto the field and it was a close call. The ref proceeds to pull out an index card and measures it in front of the football to the 1st down line.  The call went to the cowboys and they got the first down. A call like this is unreasonable and is nowhere in the rule book.