Out with the new in with the old

Connor Bigby, Writer

Fashion trends always spring up out of nowhere and gain a lot of popularity before they eventually go out of style. The 50s had the slick back, 70s had the afro, and the 80s had the perm. But sometimes trends come back, as is the case with perms.

When it first started blowing up, it was a hairstyle mainly for women to get long-lasting curls that they didn’t have to redo every morning. These curls would last a few months before the hair would have to get permed again.

Perms also made it possible for women to have trouble curling their own hair to get curls. Perms work at a molecular level and actually change how your hair works to make anyone able to have curly hair.

The perm originally because it was seen on T.V. and in movies catching many women’s attention. Once some people started hopping on this trend, it blew up. Everyone thought that since it was in the movies, it must be the new thing.

The perm ended up dying out by the 90s and another trend probably took its place, but that didn’t mean the perm couldn’t make a comeback.

Although perms started off as a primarily women’s hairstyle, recently there has been an explosion of boys getting them. Most people choose to keep their hair long and curly on top while keeping their sides trimmed.

When it first started not everyone was completely on board with it. A lot of people used to think it was weird for a guy to get a perm. I remember kids yelling, “Perm!” across the school at a kid that had one.

After some time went by people started to warm up to them and more and more people got them. Now people that have perms get more backlash for not having naturally curly hair.

You may hear a lot of negative thoughts associated with perms because “everyone gets them,” but like every popular thing, someone has to dislike them.