Golf, A Different Kind of Sport


Trevor Kiunke from Varsity Golf practicing on the range.(photo by Elijah Machado)

Connor Bigby, Writer

You may have never thought about golf is hard, but when you try to play a full 18 holes you realize the challenge it presents.  Although you may not be the best athlete or most in-shape person to play golf, the difficulty comes from many other things.

Golfing has been considered the sport that wasn’t really a sport and one that anyone could play.

After I played my first nine holes of golf, I had a newfound respect for it. The game isn’t only very tiring from all the walking, but it also takes a lot out of you mentally.

While you are golfing you are constantly fighting an internal battle that can, if you let it, take over your game and make you play horribly. Since golf is such a slow-paced game you have a lot of time to think and get in your own head so you can’t let it happen. There is also a lot of pressure on you when you realize that you get one shot to move the ball closer to the hole and if you don’t succeed you wasted a stroke.

Golf is a full-on skill-based sport. If you can’t get your hands positioned right or your feet or even get into a good rhythm, you cannot be consistently successful. You also have to learn how to use each club for what you need and how to perform different types of shots.

Pro golfer Jim Delaby comes out and helps the Nipomo High School golf team practice. He has opened my eyes on how to be good. He has shown me how to maneuver the ball how I want by just adjusting the way I am holding the club. He also showed me how to hit the ball straight more often.

If you want to be a good golfer you have to be able to concentrate and repeat the same motion over and over. You should also try to be level headed because it’s not uncommon to see golfers get very frustrated out on the course.

Golf, just like any sport, can be perfected over time with a lot of practice but only if you stay dedicated and open to change.