The Rival Between Two Teams

Sienna Nieves, Writer


Nipomo High School softball and Arroyo Grande High School softball programs have been rivals for quite some time now. It had been a solid six years since the NHS team took the victory over AGHS. March 4th, 2020 the two neighboring rivals were scheduled for yet another match up here at NHS.


In the first inning, Nipomo was able to score a run against Arroyo Grande and hold them up to zero runs on the board.


“That first run always pumps us up, especially if we’re the first to score in the game! And we were able to keep them from getting up on the board so that they just got the energy going,” commented senior, number 8, Aaliyah Peinado.


Following, in the third inning junior, number 9 Anaiah Caudill Hit a  three-run home run tying up the game from two previous runs scored by NHS with a score of 3-3 in the third inning.


“At this point in the game we were tied up but not once did we lose our energy, we weren’t satisfied. We all were determined to work as a team and take the dub,” commented senior, number 1, Sydney Miller.


In the fourth inning, NHS had a two-out rally adding five more points onto the board. Also, in the fifth inning Nipomo put an additional two runs on the board and continued to hold AGHS at three runs.


“We had a two-out rally in the fourth inning and that really hyped us up, we still weren’t satisfied though we knew we had to keep working hard,” continued senior, number 1, Sydney Miller.


In their favor, in the sixth inning AGHS put two runs on the board making it a score of 10-5, Nipomo was up.


Finally, it came down to the seventh inning. AGHS was able to put four more runs on the board making the score 10-9. Arroyo Grande was just one run away from tying up the game.


Freshman Rori Degeer was up to bat and nearly hit a home run which would tie up the game. She was not successful when center fielder Alyssa Carnero snagged the ball saving a run and getting the third out. The game was very suspenseful as everyone watched the ball travel through the air and then once the ball was snagged the crowd went crazy.


Finally, in six years the Nipomo Titans took a victory over Arroyo Grande Eagles.


In the game the Titans came out with an outstanding offense and defense. We saw strong performances from both pitchers Key-annah Pua and Kate Barnett. Also, amazing skill was shown by second base Sydney Miller and third Base Anissa Garcia. In total the Titans had only struck out twice this game.