Today is the Day

Dillon Christopher, Writer

As the day got closer and closer to kick-off I was getting more and more nervous. Before and during every practice my coach would tell us that we have a mission. That mission was to win this game in order to be in a safe spot in winning the league. Being league champs would mean everything to me and I know it would mean everything to my teammates as well. If we win the league then we get 2020 on a poster in the gym, so everyone can see our hard work and dedication.

So today is the day, the biggest game of our lives, we are ready to play. At school, all of us were so hyped up and excited. At lunch, I gave half of my teammates a shocking handshake that hyped them up even more. All of us were ready to take the field at school but the worst part was that we had to wait until six p.m. Then school finally got out at 2:50 and all anyone could think of was this game and how important it was.

The coaches had told us before to show up at five to warm up. What I did after school was going get something to eat. Then I got home around 3:30 and stayed home and prepared myself mentally. Then it got time to leave so I left my house and arrived at the field at 4:45 just enough time to watch the JV game which was before ours.

Now it is time to start warming up. When we warm up first we run through cones and do different exercises through the cones to warm our legs up. Then we stretch so we get in a big circle and our captains tell us to do different stretches. We work on our touches next by doing some simple passing drills. Then we are ready to take the field but we are still warming up. On the field, we do a drill where we pass the ball down the field and kick it towards the middle and try to score and after that, we do more drills in order to be fully ready for our game.

As we all huddle up the coach comes in to tell us the starting lineup he starts saying the defense, then people in the middle, then the forwards up top and I was the one out of two forwards up top so this means I am starting the most intense game of my life.

As I walk onto the field I get nervous and this is the most nervous I have ever been for a game. There were so many emotions going through my head I didn’t know what to think about. Everyone was ready for kickoff.

The refs blow the whistle and the game is underway. After ten minutes of playing the other team scores. At this point, we got even more hyped up to win because we were down by one so we had to work extra hard to win.

As the game goes on we score a goal so it is tied one to one. Then we go into overtime and in the second overtime the other team scores a goal and wins the game. All of us were devastated at this loss. This loss made me really sad as well because it was a heartbreaking defeat. I have never been this upset about a game in my life.