Meghan Abbott, Writer

Protesting, does it do much? What about the coronavirus quarantine? How is it helping keep us safe and is it even keeping us safe or is it just a big scam from the government?

First off, people are dying from this, so it’s definitely not a scam. The government can be unreasonable some of the time, but they would not let out a virus to harm families or make up the deaths of so many people. The protesters of the quarantine think it’s just the government taking advantage of us.


Protesting against quarantine is ridiculous. People are dying and in pain, fighting for their lives. These people think that the government set this up to make us miserable or just because they have the power. Personally, I do think the extent of the quarantine is a little overdramatic, but I’m still at home because it will help. Places like Vons will not let anyone in to get food for their kids if they don’t have a mask is taking it way too far. All this chaotic stress and frantic rush to get toilet paper are done out of fear. More people die from the common flu than from this virus. And it’s only spreading so rapidly because people think it’s a scam and decide to protest standing all together, only exposing themselves even more.


People are frantically buying so many things, getting thousands of dollars of toilet paper, food, anything they can get. We should be staying six feet apart and wearing gloves. That’s all we really need to do, staying home a little longer wouldn’t hurt either. People that are elderly or have weak immune systems should take more precautions than others, but they would do this for any other virus or flu.


It is a real virus, there’s no scam. People’s jobs, lives, and dreams are being put on hold, and the only way to help it all start again is to just listen to what the California Department of Health has to say. Yes, the mandatory requirements are a bit much, but if we just cooperate and work together, separately, then we can get out of this even faster.