New Girl: A Must-See

Layla Loew, Writer

If you’re looking for a sitcom that won’t bore you to death with the same chaotic laugh track or a show that isn’t Friends or The Office, then New Girl is the show to try next. With lovable characters and heartwarming friendships, this show has the ability to brighten up anyone’s day (especially when you’re stuck at home).

The show centers around a group of friends who share a loft in their thirties, making the shenanigans they find themselves in even funnier. Jess, the awkwardly quirky main character, lives with four other men who are just as ridiculous as her. The best part about this show is watching the characters’ relationships blossom into life-long friendships. Besides comedy, New Girl explores a range of emotions that will have you crying tears of laughter, joy, and even heartbreak. New Girl offers something for everyone to enjoy.

As a show that has lasted seven seasons, it’s definitely worth binging. Every twenty-minute episode packs a lot of laughs, enough to keep you blissfully content during the quarantine. The same with any sitcom, New Girl includes life lessons coupled with comedic relief to produce the most entertaining experience possible. New Girl is a great feel-good show that can easily take away from the stress and hassle of everyday life.

New Girl has been described as the Friends of this generation. Although this show isn’t necessarily new, it’s themes are timeless. The show’s most consistent message is to simply be yourself, regardless of what other people think. On the surface, it may seem like just a blur in the hundreds of sitcoms that have been made since the 1940s, but New Girl adds its own “simply adorkable” flare to the mix.