Little Women (2019): A Review

Vianie Merino, Writer

There are not many movies that can accurately capture the complexity of female societal standards, and there are almost none that do this powerfully from a woman’s perspective. The 2019 movie, Little Women, however, manages to do all this and more in just two hours and fifteen minutes. Through a brilliant and emotional life story, Little Women tackles the truth about flawed female expectations, love in different forms, and the power of family connection.


Beginning with the March sisters and their uniqueness in a male-dominated society, Little Women almost immediately gives its audience an idea of each individual’s significance in this honest story. Even before Theodore ‘Laurie’ Laurence, Friedrich Bhaer, and any other supporting characters are introduced, Jo, Meg, Amy, Beth, and Marmee March captivate the audience with an inspiring touch into female strength.


The addition of Laurie and Friedrich, although they are not primary characters, is necessary to understanding this coming-of-age period drama film. They give passion, love, and confusion to an already complex plot which, in all, provides just the right amount of beautiful mess to bring together a 95% audience approval rating.


Aside from the fantastic storyline, the 2019 adaptation also features beautiful cinematography and a brilliant soundtrack, both of which support the story with vast emotion and passion. The combination of this genius ensures that there are always tears in the audience and not a moment of boredom.


Receiving critical acclaim, six nominations at the Academy Awards and two Golden Globe nominations, this adaptation is not one to disappoint. With the mess of this quarantine and the peak of our boredom, it’s obvious that Little Women is absolutely necessary to watch.


Although the ending of this story has sparked some debate, the cinematic beauty and strength of its message is sure to leave viewers with a celebration of empowerment, self-acceptance, love, and influence. Never cheesy or dull, Little Women is definitely one to watch, enjoy and love.