Shades of Blue

Sienna Nieves, Writer

Being quarantined has turned me into a homebody. I’ve been in the house and in the house bored. One of the many indoor lazy activities I have been doing lately is watching different crime-related shows.

Recently I came across the NBC channel on television and found the show “Shades of Blue” directed by Barry Levinson. The episode playing was part of season three. From what I saw the show was so interesting and I wanted to see what all led up to that moment. So for the next three days, I binged watch all three seasons of the show.

So far out the show consists of three seasons each having 13 episodes in each. All episodes are about 45 minutes long each.

In the show Shades of Blue, actor Jennifer Lopez plays Detective Harley Santos who is not just single with a teenage daughter but also a detective for the New York Police department. Her crew is full of dirty cops who try to cover up all their wrongdoings.

Throughout the show, each dirty cop does whatever they can to protect themselves and their family including Harley played by Jennifer Lopez who all she wants to do is provide her daughter with good education and life.

Rotten Tomatoes rates this show a solid three out of five stars. I very much disagree with this rating, personally I rate this show five out of five stars. The actors do a great job at playing their roles and each scene is very well put together. The details are so crazy! This show is amazing,  and if you love a good crime show that leaves you wondering what’s going to happen in the next episode, this show is perfect for you! This is recommended to a mature audience for there are some scenes that are not appropriate for all ages.