You’re Using Screens Too Much

Angela Martinez, Writer

It seems as if adults and older generations bash the younger generations for using too much technology. They think that we spend too much time staring at a screen.


It’s as if older adults don’t see that things are changing and we are developing more and more. Almost everything is online now, we tend to do everything from a screen now– from watching movies at our own houses that would be played at movie theaters, to be able to pay a bill over the phone or through just a click of a screen.

Students get bashed not only by our parents but also by our teachers. My school had put in a new rule of taking away phones and not being able to use them in class– basically you can’t have it out or else teachers will take it away. They think it’s going to help this situation of technology in class, but I feel like this makes students want to use their phones more.


I know we shouldn’t be using our phones in class for social media, but some teachers need to understand that there are resources on our phones that could help us understand the material more. I like to use such apps like PhotoMath and Slader because I tend to understand more that way than what I did in class.


Some teachers tend to rush lectures leaving some kids behind who didn’t quite understand. Yes, I know they could ask for help, but some kids just don’t have the confidence to ask; so apps could help.


Now that this virus has hit, it’s harder for students to obtain knowledge of what we’re “learning.” I haven’t learned anything during these online classes. Most of the time I’m just staring at a screen not knowing what I’m doing. It’s ironic that now teachers are fine with us using technology– oh how the tables have turned.


Teachers should be more considerate of why we may use our phones and the resources we have that help us understand whatever we may be learning.