TikTok is the Medication We Need

Angela Martinez, Writer

“ I’m a savage, yeah. Classy, bougie, ratchet…”  I know you were singing those lyrics in your head maybe while doing some hand moments.

I know everyone has to have at least seen one TikTok– if not, you are missing out on good entertainment. TikTok is an app that launched in 2017 and it’s where you can create and post videos that are at least 10-60 seconds long. Anyone can use this app. You just need to be somewhat cautious of what you could find here because some videos could catch you off guard.

On TikTok, you can see multiple videos by just swiping up; you could also like videos and follow accounts which helps those creators grow and create more videos. You are able to save videos and share them with friends. And you are also able to make videos yourself and post them to the public for the world to see them or keep them private.

You can spend hours on the app, yet it’ll feel like you spent 20 minutes on it. You can really find all types of videos on there from makeup, art, music, etc,. It helps you find out new things you didn’t know before. I feel like I have learned more from this app than from school sometimes.

This is a resource that many of us use during this coronavirus time. It helps us get distracted and not focus on what’s going on in the outside world. It’s basically a meme world, and you know all of us like a good meme. It is always fun when you find a video you can relate too.

It seems like the only thing from making us go crazy is memes because everyone needs a good laugh when it feels like everything is going wrong. It’s that one medicine you didn’t know you needed but once you get it you can’t really let go of.

If you haven’t got TikTok, I really suggest you download it and give it a try, you never know you might just like it as others have.