Older generations misunderstand our generation

Jazmyn Gonzalez, Writer

The way we talk and phrases we make up with our words the way we mess around and especially the internet. For example, they didn’t have phones like the phones we have now because the environment changed from then to now. What frustrates them as they say “were stuck on are screens” they would want us more active as in are generation is” lazy” when were educated and engaged for some reasons teens don’t like to read a book but one huge comment on social media we read also the internet you can do big things and become famous if you make it work in that way also cell phones do a lot, social media makes it easy for people to communicate with others like friends, loved ones, work anyone you need to get a hold of if it’s important big or not and older people like to think only teens use social media just to be on it but in reality, any age uses social media. As you can tell in your own family or if you’re out and see that not only teens use their phones. Older generations need to understand that our generation didn’t grow up with them every generation I believe is going to be different because growing up has the different experience it’s not going to be the same as any generation before them the way they talk may be different slightly like areas as an example “that’s lit” meaning that’s cool I don’t really say that but many people do but olders think it’s bad. Also, some teens get misunderstood on the way they dressed and get judged for it because they would dress differently when they were younger. Generation changes when everything else is evolving for the better.