‘Klaus” a Timeless Tale Retold

Renee Regnier, Writer

It may not be Christmas time anymore but in times like these, we need a little cheer. If you want to watch a movie that all ages can enjoy, Klaus is just that movie. This incredible film was written and directed by  Sergio Pablos and was co-directed by  Carlos Martínez López. It has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.


The storyline itself is very well written and hooks you in from the beginning. You get to see the characters develop. A postman named Jesper (voiced by Jason Schwartzmanis) is sent to the town of Smeerensburg where feuding locals who never sent anything. He meets Alva (voiced by Rashida Jones), a teacher and a man named Klaus (voiced by J.K. Simmons) and a carpenter who has a cabin full of trinkets and toys. This unlikely pair formed new traditions of being kind, setting stockings by the fire, and putting presents under a tree.


Not only is the storyline itself really good, but the script itself is very well written too.  This movie is definitely a comedy because you basically laugh every five minutes and it makes you have a connection with the characters themselves. Ashlie D. Stevens a writer for the Salon says it should be a new holiday tradition; she wrote, “And while children will appreciate the movie for its delightful visual gags and depictions of physical humor — the daily battles are a ripe opportunity for this — in watching “Klaus” as an adult, I realized the film touches on something a little more nuanced: the idea of traditions.”


The animation styles themself are like ones that I have seen very often.  They have the animation and characters moving in the front but it’s almost like there’s a backdrop for the background and it has a very nice effect. It also makes your attention really drawn to the characters and you can’t help just pay attention to what’s going on, on the screen.


It’s not just a story about Christmas. It’s a story about love, kindness, giving back, and being grateful for what you have.