Letter of Recommendation: Hugs

Chloe Housley, Writer

Every time I part from someone, I give them a hug.  They help brighten my day and give me reassurance that everything is going to be fine when I am having a bad one and sometimes they can even give a boost to your loved ones a day without you knowing. Whether I see them in an hour, a month, or a year, I always say goodbye with a hug.


I have never been one for hugs, I used to awkwardly dodge them or just simply say no thanks but after the last memory I had with my best friend was a hug, I became all for them. It’s been four years since I have been able to hug her and I won’t be able to ever again. You’ll never know if that goodbye with your loved one will be the last, and if it is you won’t want to regret not hugging them.


Hugging not only is a way to express your love for someone but it also seems to provide benefits in other areas of your life. In the article “What Are the Benefits of Hugging” from Healthline it lists seven reasons why hugging is beneficial one of them being, “Scientists say that giving another person support through touch can reduce the stress of the person being comforted.” While I used to decline hugs when I was stressed or anxious I have found that they can actually be a good way to stop my stress from becoming overwhelming, especially if it comes from someone you trust.


Overall hugs just give that extra comfort that you might not know you needed. In the same article, it talks about a chemical called Oxytocin which is often called the “cuddle hormone” because it increases levels of happiness while reducing levels of stress. The article states that oxytocin levels rise when we hug, touch, or are close to someone we love. This extra level of comfort given by hugs can give people the extra boost in happiness that we didn’t know we needed.