COVID : We’re All in It Together

Carly Krauk, Writer


This global pandemic is an incredibly awful time for everyone in the world. This virus is something that has affected each and every one of us. Not only are people getting extremely sick and passing away from this virus, but people are also suffering, families are suffering, and doctors are suffering.

So many people are not agreeing to the fact in which they need to stay inside, people are protesting towards the lockdown. This lockdown and virus have caused the world to fall apart in so many ways; it’s difficult for parents, due to some people not being able to work, kids not being able to attend school or seniors not being able to graduate, and most importantly the people who are infected with the virus, as well as all of the families struggling.

There are so many ways that teens could benefit from the time that they have during this lockdown. Since we are forced to isolate ourselves, teens can go for jogs, walks, as well as exercise to keep busy while also isolating. Teens who are legally licensed can also go for drives. If they are not getting out or going to any public places where they might be in contact with any other people, it is safe for teens to do so. They’re keeping their distance while also being able to go out and clear their minds, as well as get some fresh air while being able to escape their homes, while also distancing.

Teens during this time can also take the time to catch up on any school work they may have, or in this condition, any other work they may have. During this time, I’ve been taking the time to spend it with my loved ones.

I feel as if this time is extremely hard, not being able to see distant family, no friends, or going places, just staying home. It is also hard knowing that people all over the world are suffering and so are the doctors.  Hopefully, people with other illnesses, such as anxiety or depression, and are struggling at home are staying as busy as they can by doing stuff while sheltering in place. This is an extremely tough time, but everyone is in it together.