A Decrease In Visual Performing Arts

Gloria Guerrero, Writer

For a few years, visual performing arts pathways have slowly been decreasing in highschools across the US. As someone who has been involved in theatre since the 4th grade, hearing stories of highschool having to cut down on performing arts classes is very disheartening.

Just recently last year my high school cut down on the visual performing arts pathway because of budgeting issues. The art classes were replaced by digital media art classes and while everything seems to be converting digitally some students still believe traditional art should be embedded in high school culture.

“I was in the art class last year with Mrs. Susank and it was really fun, I got to paint and develop new skills. I was pretty bummed when they took it out,” said high school senior Sarah Wasil.

The digital media arts pathways are a CTE course where students learn photography skills, graphic design, photoshop, and more. “I think a traditional art class would’ve been really fun but digital media art is not the worst class in the world, I get to learn photoshop which allows me to bring out some creativity”, chuckled Allison Mccall.

According to jarganjosh.com, visual performing arts implemented in education help students think creatively and improves their mental and imagination skills.

Theatre is another part of the visual arts pathway and last year the class was turned into an afterschool program in order to keep the arts alive. Personally having the class as an after school thing rather than during school hours does have its ups and downs. Not getting a performing arts cord at graduation is one of the bummers for some of us that have been actively involved in the drama department for years.

The importance of visual arts in education is underappreciated and overlooked in many ways and schools should focus on putting traditional art classes into schools and use digital media art as another option.