Podcast Review: “Why Fish Don’t Exist”

Carly Krauk, Writer

In one of Radiolab’s newest episodes, “Why Don’t Fish Exist?”, there are many themes expressed that could be beneficial to so many people in the world who are struggling. Lulu Miller guest stars in this podcast to showcase her book, Why Don’t Fish Exist.

Particularly nowadays, everyone is going through something. Due to this new virus, everyone is locked up in quarantine which may cause some type of chaos in everyone’s lives: you may have the virus, have someone close to you suffering or pass from the virus, you may be working during this time, and so much more. Everyone has some type of chaos they’re unfortunately suffering from. This virus has an incredible and powerful impact on everyone in the world.

Miller’s book revolves around a man by the name of David Starr Jordan, an American naturalist, who specialized in fish. He grew up in the late eighteenth century in New York. He was born at the darkest time of the year– perhaps why he became so obsessed with the stars, then later fish.

This podcast revolves around his story. The story tracks his life through all the ups and downs that he is, unfortunately, struggling with. Jordan’s life was just preternaturally afflicted by chaos, but he never seemed dumbfounded by it; he just always continued to push through these dark times he was faced with.

Chaos is really something that has an effect on everyone, but no matter the circumstances Jordan was in, he continued to push through whatever life threw at him. From what Lulu Miller was revealed to everyone about her book, this book is really about how to move on when things are just falling apart around you when the world is just so preoccupied with everything else.

Personally, hearing Miller talk about all of the conflicts that people go through in life and really working to push through it is truly inspiring. I shared this podcast with a few of my friends and family members because I feel as if this is such an important yet overlooked topic.