Skipping into Nature

Anthony Garcia, Writer

Boredom is a common feeling people have. Whether you’re engaged in something you don’t even want to do, or maybe your mind is just lost for ideas, to begin with. It’s a quality that we are all familiar with.

Although it has more to do with perspective than anything else, boredom is not fun. Perspective is important in life because everyone has one. We’re all different although we all feel the same things, like boredom. We all cope with things like this differently. We all have a couple of activities swimming around our head that we can engage in if we’re bored, although those activities are an all different person to person which I find very interesting.

One of the places I find the most boring yet inspiring is camping. In my family, camping has been something we do almost every year and we really enjoy getting family together in one place to enjoy the time. My family comes prepared, with cards, food and extra wood to keep the fire going through late nights.

My favorite activity for camping is skipping rocks. I love it for many reasons, but most of all it’s such a simple way to pass time. Also, anyone can do it. I’ll never forget teaching my little brother to skip for the first time, and now he’s always there skipping alongside me.

There is just something about nature that piques my curiosity. I often find myself straying away from the hike, looking for the more uncut forest. I find a similar feeling when skipping rocks because you can never have enough rocks and they’re placed all over the ground in unorthodox patterns. It just leads you more and more into the landscape.

Another thing I love is the silence that comes with nature and skipping rocks, it’s nice to not have to think and just have fun. Especially during times like these, I tend to miss that silence, and wish I was out in nature absorbing the details of the world.