Think of the Box

Anthony Garcia, Writer

This quarantine situation is different for all of us, although we all share a similar feeling. I often feel like I should be doing more with my days. Since we’ve all simultaneously been confined to the walls of our home, we’ve been faced with a new change. There isn’t anything particularly interesting being at home, it’s pretty boring and unmotivating although it does free up time to do what you want to do. This could be dangerous or helpful depending on the person.

I spend a lot of time on my Xbox and my phone. I get my school work done, but I appreciate the time I can actually talk to my friends. I’ve been playing video games almost all of my life and there’s nothing else I want to do in my free time– especially during a time like this, I have the best time talking to my friends playing video games.

I’ve been gaming with Xbox most of my life so it’s only right to review it as a console. The debate over Xbox and PlayStation is pointless because neither of them even compares to a computer and they’re both virtually the same.

I started with Xbox because I was a fan of Halo which used to only be exclusive to Xbox, but the reason I stuck with it is that my friend and Xbox allow players access to more games than PlayStation for less money. One of Xbox’s selling points is it’s Game Pass, for 15 dollars a month you can play over 100 games whenever you want. The games offer a lot of variety for every type of gamer. Most of these games are new, popular games that you can play with your friends. When I saw the games included in this deal, I knew it was the best option. Most of my friends have the pass as well so we all have lots of games to play in common.

Although there is always a time in video games where you need to take a break. If video games are obstructing your sleep or your mental health, it’s not worth playing. At the end of the day, all the hours you played video games you really have nothing to show for it. Video games are for enjoyment, and it resonates even more when you can enjoy them with people you know.