Camp Monsters Podcast: A Broadcasted Encounter

Camp Monsters Podcast cover photo; made by REI Co-op artist Tyler Grobowsky

Camp Monsters Podcast cover photo; made by REI Co-op artist Tyler Grobowsky

Geoffrey Gracia, staff writer, website editor, layout editor

It’s a cold, quiet, summer night at the lake campgrounds. You are sitting alone at a campfire trying to gather what’s left of some semblance of warmth from the remaining embers. A pleasant stranger greets you and asks if he can just rest for a while. The stranger carries loads of campfire stories and decides to test one out on his awaiting audience. As the night progresses, stories upon stories are told, with all of them equally suspenseful and captivating: That is the essence of the Camp Monsters podcast. The Camp Monsters podcast is a drama podcast produced by REI Co-op, written and performed by Weston Davis. 

The podcast explores tales of mythical creatures and the legends of some of the historic cryptids we know today like the Jersey Devil or Sasquatch (Bigfoot) while still maintaining the same feeling of being cozied up to the campfire and listening to a spooky and gripping campfire story by firelight. The tales are different in each episode that is fresh and unique to that specific episode’s specific creature. The podcast has two seasons so far and just started its second season this year in early September. 

The podcast is like an encounter with a mysterious stranger and personal experiences with a terrifying monster encounter more than a podcast. The stories are told from a second-person point of view, as most campfire stories are, to make it seem like this was a real person that the speaker could have known, and one that could indeed become your story if you weren’t careful. 

The announcer’s voice is deep and baritone and has a nice smooth flow to it, which is incredibly versatile when setting the mood. The tones and mood can shift in the blink of an eye: from calm and soothing like crickets at night, to ominous and creepy like a stalking lion, to on edge and terrifying with a loud and intense voice like a situation that is pure primal survival. 

The sound design is also very immersive with things like campfire sounds now and that act as an interlude to give the listener a natural break from the tension to “throw a log on the fire.” 

The Camp Monsters Podcast is a glorious auditory experience that frequently gains new episodes and is a podcast that should undoubtedly be on an up-and-coming list for best new podcasts. The show prides itself on nature preservation and the outdoors experience. 

The podcast is made for those who love the outdoors but may not be able to go camping anytime soon, making it an essential part of outdoor thrill-seekers’ time in quarantine with nowhere to go. The podcast is also made for the people who love a great mystery or cryptid tale: the people who love to be scared by spooky fireside stories can’t sit with their friends on late nights with embers climbing into the sky because of quarantine. 

The podcast is a must-have for any outdoors-lover, mystery lover, or bored “quarantiner” and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and