Honoring late assistant football coach Josh Caldera


These images are taken by head football Coach Tony Dodge from Caldera’s memorial.

Isabella Sparks, staff writer

On August 9th 2020 Nipomo High School lost a coach and a friend. Josh Caldera died of a heart attack late wednesday at age 40.

Caldera was the defensive line coach and went from coaching for the Cowboys to the Titans.

On the Saturday following his passing the Nipomo community came to NHS to pay their respects. Caldera trademark was the big “N” outlined black at the midfield. Keyshwan Pua says, “He was a father, a grandpa, uncle, and a friend to many, he was the one who painted the huge ‘N’ on the field Friday nights.”

Matthew Sparks states that Caldera “Had to skip the football potluck almost every Thursday because he would use his time to paint the field. He didn’t have to do that.”

A big “N” outlined in red was painted on the field with a Cowboy’s helmet and Titans helmet in his honor. People could leave tribunes on or near the “N.”

Matthew Sparks knew Caldera as a Cowboys youth coach, defensive line coach, and he also was assisting him in coaching the defensive line last year. Sparks says Caldera “Really was the best of us, he always let us have the freedom to play the best way suited for us and never forced us to play his way.”

Keyshawn Pua is a Nipomo High School Student/athlete and believes the passing of Caldera will “ affect the team in a huge way, he was our D-Line coach for many years and to look on the sideline and not him there will definitely be different.”

Caldera was not only a coach but a mentor. Pua says, “He was just an all around great guy and someone to call whenever you need anything.” Sparks said “I don’t know a single person who disliked him and he was always easy to talk to.