Will Covid take another Golf season?

Evin Burrola, staff writer

Last year the Nipomo Golf team’s season was sadly cut short due to the Covid-19. The players are worried if it’s going to be the same story this year since they aren’t back at school yet.

“I’m hoping to get the team out there practicing as soon as possible, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation that we can start anytime soon,” Head Nipomo Golf coach Kurt Lindgren added.

Jack Wellenkamp, a Varsity Golf player since sophomore year, “ I hope we can get back out there because golf has been my favorite part of high school ever since I started playing,” he said.

Wellenkamp was how he was frustrated about how last year got canceled so early because he was explaining to me that the group of seniors we had were pretty good and they had a great chance at winning CIF last year.

Another Varsity Golf player Shane Tryon said, “I just can’t wait to get back out on the course with my teammates.” Tryon has been playing nonstop all summer so he is eager to go compete again.

Many of the new players from last year were irritated that they didn’t get to play their first season of golf.

Coach Lindgren worries about not having enough players to even compete in matches this year and he said: “Yes to be honest I’m a bit worried we won’t have enough to play but hopefully we can have a couple of freshmen join the team, But I know we will have at least the top three come back for their senior year (Evin Burrola, Shane Tryon, and Jack Wellenkamp).”