Student-Athletes Continue to Train During the Long Off-Season


Joey Garcia scoring a bucket during the league championship

Rudy Garibay, staff writer

Student-athletes have been going through a pretty long offseason during this pandemic. Have they been practicing their sport? What exactly have Nipomo’s athletes been up to?

Since this pandemic has really caused all seasons for our Nipomo Titans to move back, some of our student-athletes miss the sport and continue to play every day, Joey Garcia a starter on Varsity NHS Basketball explains, “I really miss the season with all my friends, but my favorite hobby during this offseason has just been playing basketball every day of the week with my team.”

Some athletes actually have taken advantage of this offseason to get other things done and to adopt new hobbies to really pass time while staying home, Jehu Garcia from the NHS Varsity Soccer team at our school is a good example: “I have just been doing new things that I find to do around the house that I wouldn’t have done before,” he says.

Titan athletes have even been lifting to get ready for the season. “I have been working out with my siblings constantly,” explains Clarissa Simonson, a NHS Varsity Track and Basketball athlete. Do you know her last name????

“I really have been getting into lifting, I’m a pretty active person and once everything stopped I really needed to look into something that I can enjoy while keeping me in shape, and lifting is what keeps me motivated and healthy,” says Heleen Mott, a senior student-athlete.

Starting on October 5th, every sport is able to start practicing again.

Overall, athletes have really just been wanting to get to play again, they have been staying busy and trying to stay active during this offseason, although some athletes may not play their sport during the offseason, they still found something to do to stay motivated.