Don’t Fret, Theater Has Arrived


Ms.Mitchell posing with a Shakespeare puppet

Susan Gutierrez, staff writer

Drama can be a gateway that can give you so many opportunities to expand upon yourself, yet it can also give you lots of life skills for the future. This is what the new theater director, Candance Mitchell thinks of theater, as this year will be her first year directing drama at our school.

 Mitchell has been teaching for six years. She also leads the after-school club productions at our school, but this year will be her first year of teaching drama. “ It’s my dream job,” says Mitchell, as her family was a gateway into introducing her into drama.

 When Ms.Mitchell was about to enter her 6th year of school, she had to pick an elective, though had a hard time choosing what to pick until her mother showed her a theater play. She thought that her mom believed she could do it too and therefore she joined drama for the first time. She never really wanted to be the next big actor, instead, she wanted to be a teacher that created opportunities for others. She believes that by doing drama, you can gain so many wonderful opportunities from it: “ Theater can be such a safe place for many people for different reasons,” she said.

As theater is important for humanity, it can be so expansive to the point where there are many possibilities to express art. It can teach you many life skills such as having the ability to think quickly, when to lead, or to follow, but to also know who you are as a person, that’s the spirit of theater, with that drama opened up to many others as well in our community.

Senior, Rachaelann Todd, who is currently running for the presidential campaign for Drama, loves to sing. Todd joined Drama, and she loves to give back and inspire others for her love for theater. “I felt like those were my people,” she said. She loved the drama classes so much that she has completed the NHS drama pathway twice. Todd pushes herself to come up with new accents or expressions for her characters.

Kalina Bumgarder is also into singing: “I really wanted to show it and practice, so I ended up here [in drama class].” She’s very excited to see what Ms.Mitchell has to offer and to learn what they can do from her as the year starts.

However. the spirit of theater is down, as that magical wonder is dulled out by our current state of the pandemic. Our drama company, alongside with Ms.Mitchell and so many others, work together to try and uplift our spirits as they head towards using audios or filming videos to upload it onto Youtube. This way, they can bring their love of theater to audiences, as they worked hard to bring in their upcoming production, “The War of The Wars.” Tune in on October 31st at 7pm.