NHS Sports Start Practices


Hal Curry

Nate Reese lining up as a wide receiver for the NHS varsity football team during a game.

Daren Sosa, staff writer

It’s been about eight months since any sports teams at Nipomo High School have had any sports practices.


That changed in early October. All NHS sports have officially started practicing.


Recently, SLO County allowed businesses to reopen; this had a domino effect and led to high school sports teams starting practices again.


With the season for girls’ volleyball and football around the corner, Nipomo High School wants to get a head start. Coaches want to keep the kids in shape and give them something to do during this quarantine period.


Although girls’ basketball season doesn’t start until March, coaches have decided to have them start a conditioning period without an actual basketball.


“The first practice went really well. It was really nice to see my coaches and some of my teammates. We did conditioning like short sprints, quick bursts of speed, and fast change of direction. Being back at school grounds (just for practice) is really exciting and I cannot wait for the season to start!” said Clarissa Simonson, varsity basketball player.


Leah Miller agrees. “It was a great feeling to finally be back with the team and getting some work in together after a long time of not being able to. We did a lot of running; we worked on footwork-like our [hitting] approach, but up to a fake net, and we did some circuit workouts as well,” said Miller, varsity volleyball player.


“It was a lot different than anything I’ve ever done ever since I started playing football. Everyone was out of shape, but towards the end of the week, we got it back a little more. We did drills where one person goes at timed running routes and we had to fake catch the football since we’re not allowed to use any equipment. We were also separated in groups around 10-15 with only one coach,” said Nate Reese, varsity football player.