FFA Feels COVID’s Effect


Christine Ready

Picture of FFA members from Nipomo after O.C. competition from 5 October 2019

Josh Costa, staff writer

This year has been a struggle for all clubs and organizations, particularly the Future Farmers of American, the FFA. For the members of the FFA, Covid19 has drastically changed how their year is going to turn out.


Every year FFA would hold an “Opening and Closing Ceremony” grouping a lot of students and teachers from different schools all around the area. However, due to Covid, many things had to change to continue this contest.


How can a leader help ease in their students for the O.C. contest? “Since the contest was virtual and on Zoom, I had my team practice on Zoom, so that they would be used to it for the contest,” says Kayla Manning, a leader of an O.C. group. “I tried to keep a sense of normalcy by going about practice in the same way with the teams saying their parts and giving them feedback,” Manning says.


“My team and I have already put in a lot of our own time to prepare for this competition. This is my favorite contest, so it’s sad for me to have it over Zoom, but I’m confident FFA members and facilitators will be able to adjust,” says Faith Swope, a member of an O.C. team. Even though this year seems to be different, teachers and students still worked hard to be able to compete.


This can be a little challenging and stressful for beginners in O.C. “We have been scheduled to make sure all of the freshmen understand how we are going about doing it this year under the circumstance,” says Kendall Diaz, one of the seniors of her O.C. group. To help ease in the new students to O.C., Diaz and other O.C. members offer full assistance so everyone can have a great experience.


“The biggest difference is that I tried to replicate our practices like how the contest would be,” says Manning. Manning has to be sure to get the students in check for the contest. Because it’s all online, it makes her job harder because she has to try to lead the students over a screen which is always a difficult task.


Even though this year is different, everyone who is a part of FFA is hoping to still enjoy themselves while practicing and competing at O.C., and that’s one thing COVID won’t take away from them.