Nipomo High School Basketball Returns


Jason Hart

Gianni Hart on offense during a game for NHS.

Daren Sosa, staff writer

All high school sports went still in March, right in the middle of the winter season. Many seniors were heartbroken by not getting to finish the second half of their season.


Basketball is one of the most played sports– kids from kindergarten to seniors participate in basketball in the Nipomo community.


People love to watch the games and feel the atmosphere when being in the gym.


When the county moved from the purple tier to the red one, businesses and restaurants adjusted to outside seating or inside seating with social distance and required masks. This was also when it was time for the sports world to also reopen.


Having been eight months since any of the teams have had practices, Nipomo High School basketball will resume in October to start their conditioning period.


Basketball usually doesn’t have a conditioning period of just straight running and sprints, but since the players and coaches aren’t allowed to use the equipment, including the basketballs, it’s going to be a new change.


Coaches believe that the conditioning period will help the athletes who may or may not have been exercising during the eight months of quarantine.


“The practices will be no contact and will split up into three groups with each coach and will not rotate due to the restrictions of the county,” said Nipomo Varsity Head Coach Stan Ikeda.


“It sucks because instead of getting all of the summer to practice with the team, we only get about two weeks,” said Nipomo Varsity basketball player Gianni Hart.


“I didn’t like that it got pushed back because I wanted to play, but I understand why they pushed it back,” Nipomo Varsity player Joey Garcia said.


The conditioning period will take place outside in the back fields, track, or on the outside basketball courts. No gyms allowed yet.