Miami vs. Lakers: Who really deserved the championship?

Rudy Garibay, staff writer

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat had a long and hard-fought series. The Lakers finished as the NBA Champions, but did they deserve it?


Lakers haven’t won a championship for 10 years; some people believed it was just the right year for them to win one. Some also believed LeBron James and Anthony Davis were the best duo in the NBA and deserved that chip.


“Lakers definitely deserved it, they had the best duo in the NBA (Davis and LeBron and it’s been a whole 10 years since their last chip so it was just simply time,” said Gianni Hart.


Most people believed the Lakers deserved the championship because sadly former NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba) died in a helicopter crash early this year. He was a former Laker who gave his heart and soul to the game. Since he was such an impactful person to a lot of people, most fans believed the Lakers deserved the ring for Kobe Bryant.


Former basketball player and NHS graduate from the 2020 class, AJ Gonzalez, agrees. ”The Lakers definitely deserved it come on now, they had to do it for Kobe, he deserved that ring,” he said.


“Lakers for sure deserved it, they needed that chip for Kobe,” Joey Garcia, a current Varsity basketball player at NHS said. “Kobe would’ve been so proud.”


Clarissa Simonson, an NHS Varsity basketball player also believed the Lakers deserved to win it all: “I believe The Lakers deserved to win it all because it was a good representation of Kobe and his memory on the team,” she said.


Miami has a young talented team, but they came up short with this one, they fought all the way through it all. The Lakers fought a tough six-game series and LeBron James (The King) came up with the MVP of it all as well as another ring. LeBron James averaged 29.8 points a game, and he led the Lakers to it all and felt that he deserved it as well as the whole Laker community. “We want our respect,” said James.