The Family Next Door



These were Family Pictures the Watts took, in this picture includes Celeste,Bella, and Shannan Watts the three murdered Alongside what they believed was their Loving and caring Dad and Husband that committed the murders.

Silvia Garcia Bustos, staff writer

 They were the loving family from next door, at least that’s what the outside world thought.The new Netflix documentary called American Murder: The Family Next Door is a documentary about a man that was convicted of the murders of his pregnant wife and two baby girls.

Chris Watts is his name. This man that committed such horrendous and heartbreaking crimes. The documentary was well known for using raw, first-hand footage, as well as police body, cams to uncover the truth about the disappearance and murders of his wife Shannan Watts and two daughters, Bella and Celeste Watts.

Watts denied his involvement in the murders of his family. A lie detector test proved differently. With the unraveling of the truth, investigations grew stronger and the picture became clearer. They were discovering the crimes that Chris Watts committed. The documentary goes in-depth about how these events took place as well as a combination of evidence to strengthen viewers’ understanding of the crimes Watts committed.

Some viewers were emotional. “[I felt] overwhelmed with emotions. It is heartbreaking to know what happened to these beautiful babies,” Guadalupe Garcia said. “They were full of life and someone took that light away, especially to know it was their own blood and family that would take it all away.”

In the documentary, they even show a brief clip of Celeste Watts singing a song called “Daddy was [my] Hero.” Heartbreaking.

Netflix released facts on this month’s releases on Twitter: “American Murder: The Family Next Door is on track to become the number one most-watched documentary future file *ever* on Netflix, Projected to reach 52 million members in its first 28 days,” Netflix stated.