Room For Everyone


Ryan Bedard

New Nipomo Park Basketball courts, Oct, 19,2020

Ryan Bedard, staff writer

There is now another reason to visit Nipomo Park: with the addition of new basketball courts, more players can come and practice without overcrowding. There are courts for pickleball and tennis exclusively, and now basketball also now has its own courts.


Nipomo began construction in early 2020 after data from community surveys and public workshops prioritized new basketball courts. The courts conserve water more than a new sports field– that would have to been more expensive to maintain.


The old pickle ball courts also received new permanent nets, as well as being newly resurfaced.  Student-athlete Gage Dowd is excited about the new basketball space. “The new courts have new pavement and even nicer basketball hoops and have metal goals to allow for soccer to be played when it’s not in use for basketball. They also include stadium lights  all around so we can see at night,” Dowd said.


Groundskeepesr for San Luis Obispo Parks see the new courts often. “The new courts being built are great for this park, the kids have more space for basketball without using the pickleball  and tennis courts. “They also showed that the parks listen to what the community wants,” Patrick ______ said.


With the completion of all these projects it has only given Nipomo Park additional resources to offer all of its visitors, and meet the recreational needs of all of the area’s residents and park-goers, and better yet continue to improve any way they can.