Gag Order is placed on Tianna Arta’s Case

Ray Bardo, staff writer

The Black Lives Matter movement held by Tianna Arta on July 21, 2020, in San Luis Obispo County has turned into her worst nightmare.


According to KSBY, Arta is facing “13 misdemeanor charges that include six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare, five counts of false imprisonment, one count of unlawful assembly, and one count of disturbing the peace by loud noise in connection [to the protest] that blocked Highway 101.”


Recently, about 170 protestors, locals and tourists, came to voice their concerns about police brutality and the people who have fallen victim to unjustified killings by police.


One of the purposes of this protest was to get justice for Breanna Taylor who was wrongfully killed by an officer. Protestors demanded that the officer to be charged with the murder of Taylor and to change the way police are handling people.


Many protestors shouted “police get away with murder” while marching downtown San Luis Obispo. Some created slogans and posters to honor the ones who were lost and to fight for the ones living.


Due to social media, people from all over are now learning about this protest too. Instagram and Facebook have greatly influenced this case. The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported that because of the media’s involvement, Arata’s lawyers are calling for a gag order.


Publicity around this case has created false narratives and has confused people about what is really going on with Tianna Arta’s case. Also, lawyers are hoping that people involved with her case don’t share any more information than they have already to reduce the media’s influence.


Arta’s attorneys believe these false accusations and opinions could be detrimental to her case and could ultimately jeopardize her rights to a fair trial.