The Deeper Meaning On Arts and Crafts


Students made sugar skulls

Susan Gutierrez, staff writer

Many students love arts and crafts for many different reasons, just to kick back and relax from another day of school, though when we are all stuck inside, it’s very crucial to take the time and care for ourselves and enjoy the art we craft.

Librarian Jennifer Matsuura promotes arts and crafts activities for students to enjoy in our school library. This year will be her 8th year of being a staff member at Nipomo High School, and along with being our librarian, Matsuura also offers art and crafts sessions that pertain to the seasons or whatever is trendy.

Matsuura began her arts and craft sessions as an excuse to just do art and see what the students of Central Coast New Tech and Nipomo High School can create. This is an incredible experience for her. The way students express themselves in the art depends on their mood or where they come from and their vision on a piece of artwork– it all goes beyond what Matsuura expects and overall the art that turns out is amazing to her.

Sophomore Ramiro Elorza Carrillo from Central Coast New Tech likes creativity, so he got into art and creates anything that has meaning. “I would want to decorate an item that means something to me,” said Carrillo.

Sophomore Emily Liberato from Nipomo High says that art is a way to express yourself, to express how you feel. “ It shows me how people view things differently,” she said.  Liberato also appreciates how good art can be. To her, art can mean a step back from what’s going on. “It’s a way to release my mind,” she said.

Matsurra also uses art as a way to have a break from the routine and take a look at our mental health. “It’s something where we have our ups and downs,” says Matsuura. To her, it’s important for students to realize we are all going through things, but we’ll get through this together, and it also builds self-confidence in what students they can do. “ I think it teaches students to trust themselves a little more,” she said. If students trust themselves a little more they’ll be surprised at what they are capable of.