Colorful Memories

Evin Burrola, staff writer

I was a pretty cautious kid growing up; and without my friends, I wouldn’t do a lot of things I’m not comfortable with. One year for my friend’s 9th birthday, he invited me to go paintballing, and at first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but then I made myself do it.

When I arrived at the paintball place, I saw grown men and women covered in paint and some limping as if they had just been hit by a real bullet. I saw this and was terrified to get thrown into that place, knowing I would get shot at.

As I was suiting up, I was laughing and hiding my nervousness. We were all ready to start a war.  As we were walking in, my heart started to beat as if I just ran two miles. We stepped in and before I knew it a horn was blown, and I was being shot at by people fifteen years older than me.

My heart sank and I ran towards one of my best friends and hid behind a tire. We were both scared and hadn’t even fired a single shot. Before we knew it, he and I were the last two alive on the team and still behind the same tire. We figured we were going to get shot, so why not go out with a bang.

We both stood up and started firing as much as possible. Then I heard a person from the other team say “Hit” very loud. I shot one and then looked to my right and saw two people firing paintballs right at me! I froze and saw the multiple bullets heading directly for me. I flexed all my muscles and prepared for impact.

The paintballs hit me all over and I yelled “Hitttttttt” as loud as possible so I wouldn’t be hit anymore. The paintballs felt like someone punched me and pinched me at the same time, but it only hurt for a couple of seconds and it was over.

After I had already been shot I started to get more daring and had more fun. Thanks to my friends for pushing me out of my comfort zone, I have great memories and a great story.