My Ninja Way


Josh Costa

Photo of my first Naruto poster that inspired me to not give up

Josh Costa, staff writer

Right before entering high school, I started watching lots of Netflix show because I enjoyed it. More and more friends enjoyed the same shows, and we loved talking about them. I thought that live-action shows were the best in every aspect.


After watching a lot of Netflix– including action shows, romance, and comedy shows– I felt something was missing from all these shows. Everything was there, but it became redundant. It felt like a copy and paste show with the same cliches and plot with different characters. I needed something more and finally came to a show I didn’t want to watch because of how different it was. The show was called “Naruto.”


“Naruto” is an anime, an animated show from Japan. Some people look down on it because it has a different language, and they see it as a cartoon. I thought the same for a while until I watched the first couple of episodes and realized how wrong I was. “Naruto” is a show about a kid who is against all odds, training to be the best ninja while everyone in the village hates him. The show speaks on determination, hard work, and always believing in yourself.


The differences between this one show compared to all the other shows I’ve watched before was huge. I learned so many life lessons and felt more connected to the characters than in anything I’ve seen. The characters in the show grew up as I watched and they left huge impacts on my life. Naruto was the kid who was always laughed at and stated that his “ninja way” was to never give up and go back on his word.


One scene that I’ll never forget is when Naruto is finally recognized for his determination. As everything was turned to rubble and lives were taken, everyone put their faith in Naruto, who had gone to train. The enemy was leagues ahead of Naruto’s skill level and stood before him as a cold, heartless, monster. Naruto was outmatched but never gave up. and in the end, he saved his whole village and was recognized and not mistreated by the village. Naruto had worked toward his goal and became the hero of the people, the hero he wanted to be.


As I grew to love “Naruto,” I branched out to other animes and loved it. I learned to love and appreciate other cultures’ forms of art. Although I didn’t like the feeling of being different for liking something else because of other people, I learned to embrace it. I watch anime daily now and don’t care what people think. I made my own ninja way, that being different is better than trying to fit in. Being different allows you to try new things you thought you’d never like.