Making School History

Daren Sosa, staff writer

It was Tuesday, February 11th, the weather was gloomy for most of the day, but then the sun started to peak out of clouds in the afternoon.

It was a big day for the Nipomo High School Basketball team. They had a chance to make school history.

The coaching staff, players, and all of small-town Nipomo were desiring their first-ever League Title, and it was within arm’s length to finally grasp it.

Walking into the gym, watching the JV team play, I noticed the stands were filled- almost all the seats were taken. The atmosphere in the gym was absolutely energy-filled.

Once the tip-off happened, all my nervous energy went away, and it was time to play ball.

We got off to a rough start, by the end of the first quarter, the game was intense and we were tied. With three of our players not being able to play we could tell from the start we would be short-handed and other players needed to step up.

Going into the second quarter we started to step it up and just play our game and not let the crowd and distractions get to our head. We pulled away from the other team and that brought us to halftime with us leading by four.

In the locker room, our coaches gave us a talk that we were sixteen minutes from making school history and that we cannot let up. We have to keep pushing the pace.

Going into the third quarter our team caught absolute fire and we were playing really well. We went into the fourth quarter leading by fifteen. But there were still eight more minutes of the game to play and they could still come back.

Going into the fourth quarter we kept our foot on the gas pedal and didn’t look back with three minutes left of basketball to play. We were now up by twenty-five points. This was the perfect time to put all of our seniors in and let them have fun.

With two minutes left in the game, one of our seniors could not miss a three-pointer. He caught fire like never before and made four three-pointers in under two minutes. The crowd was going absolutely crazy, probably the loudest our crowd has ever been throughout the years.

When the final buzzer went off, we had won the game and beat them by twenty-five points. We rushed to the locker room and everyone was going nuts pouring water on each other and screaming.

We finally did it. Nipomo Boys Basketball was league champions for the first time in school history.