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Rudy Garibay, staff writer

  1. What is your favorite hobby, and why exactly do you continue doing it?

My favorite hobby is working out because overall it makes me feel like a better person and disciplined, and it’s also something that I look forward to doing in the future because of where it’s got me physically and mentally.

  1. When exactly did you start working out?

I started working out about two years ago but I wasn’t motivated enough so I stopped but I started again on February 25th of this year with much more motivation and have been putting in five days a week into working out since then.

  1. What got you into working out in the first place?

What motivated me to work out is instagram fitness influencers, I would listen to what they had to say daily, as well as always having the goal of being strong and just looking defined.

  1. How far do you think you’ve come with working out? Are you satisfied yet?

I honestly feel like I’ve come a really long way since when I started, I am satisfied right now, but when I keep seeing more results, I can’t be satisfied.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If everything goes well I see myself competing in a physique competition and being a personal trainer, I also see myself owning a fitness brand and motivating others.

  1. Is working out your #1 career choice?

As of right now I’d say yes because that’s what I love doing and that’s what I’m determined to do.

  1. What basically just motivates you through this journey?

What motivates me to keep going is basically just seeing progress over time and just knowing that if I try hard enough I’ll see results.

  1. What is something you’d tell someone who needs the motivation to start working out?

It’s all a journey and it’s not easy, also you need to give it your 100% in order to see results, don’t think it’s going to be easy.