Profile Questions on Carley Herlihy


Carley Herlihy’s headshots

Isabella Sparks, staff writer

  1. What does Carly do for a living?

Carley is an actor and she also works as a barista and illustrator to pay the bills.


  1. What was she doing and what were her plans before March 2020?

Before COVID she was moving from LA to San Jose to work at a San Jose stage company and was scheduled to stay in San Jose for 3 months and then go back to LA to work for Kaiser Permanente as an actor — she’s a part of the theater educational outreach program for work 5 days a week from 4am-12, touring middles school to perform shows that teach sexual education. She said: “It was a really well-paid job and since it was ending at 12 it was a perfect job to have while auditioning for shows.” Before covid, her year was pretty set, but after a week of being in San Jose, she got a call that everything was shut down and that the show got postponed to July. San Jose was hit the fastest and worst and she had to quarantine in her sister’s apartment for 2 weeks straight.


  1. And now?

After the quarantine shut down, she moved back home to Nipomo because there was no need to be in San Jose because her show was canceled and LA all the auditions were virtual so she moved back home. She transferred from the Starbucks she was working at to the Nipomo Starbucks when she moved back and continued virtual auditions. Also while she was home she got a call from a theatre agent after seeing her in a Christmas show. After they talked he wanted to sign her for TV and film, but she wanted to be signed for musical theatre then auditioned for them and got signed by the agent for film, tv, and musical theatre.


  1. How did she cope as an artist through shut down?

Before the industry adapted to video auditions, she had to find a creative outlet, so she dove into poetry and music.


  1. What are her plans for after covid/now?

Right now auditions are still virtual and theatre is completely shut down til 2021 so her plan is to stay in the central coast and work in her studio until she books a gig.


  1. How does she think this will affect her career in the long run?

She learned professional-quality auditions whereas before she would pay someone to edit it for her, but now because of covid, she has all the equipment and knows how to work it all to film her auditions for the rest of her acting career.


  1. Through all the loss, what is something she gained through all this?

Other than her agent, she has been able to take time to work on herself because she’s “kinda a workaholic” so this got her to calm down. She also got to be around her family a lot and witness her niece’s first crawl, word, and steps.